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  • Triay

    Wine with authentic taste.

Certifications and Awards

Sumilleres GALLECIA Association grants this award to the wine TRIAY tinto 2009, of TRIAY ADEGAS DE OIMBRA SL, as a result of the final wine tasting of Distincións Gallaecia 2010, taken the event place in Silleda – Pontevedra the days August 30 and 31, 2010.
Certifies that the red wine “TRIAY 08”, of TRIAY ADEGAS DE OIMBRA, obtained through blind tasting a grade/qualification of 85/100 points. The tasting, organized and carried out by the Asociación Galega de Catadores, was held at Sala de Catas do Concello Regulador da Denominación de Orixe Monterrei.
Certifica: Que o Viño branco "TRIAY 08", de TRIAY ADEGAS DE OIMBRA, obtivo en cata cega, unha calificación de 93/100 puntos. A cata organizada e realizada pola Asociación Galega de Catadores celebrouse na Sala de Catas do Consello Regulador da Denominación de Orixe Monterrei.
Silver – Triay White 2012 – Triay Adegas de Oimbra
Gold – Triay Red 2012 – Triay Adegas de Oimbra

Wine, font of life.

The vine, “source of life”. Well-known because of its abundance, the ancient civilizations from Orient considered this crop essential for both the nutrition and the survival of the people. They knew that wine could, apart from providing drunkenness, feed you. And from Syria, Sumer or Egypt it passed to Israel, mainly as a symbol of immortality. The Greeks thought that wine was Dionysius’s blood, bearer of the mystical delirium and a live-giving fountain. And from Greece it spread to Rome, famous for its worship of Bacchus. This did not deal with “botellones” and orgies only, but also with how both vine and harvest were used in funerary iconography, what reinforces the idea explained above.

The process

The 80% of the quality of the wine resides in the crucial process of growing plus the grape’s first weeks in the winery. For this reason we take care of our vineyards, located in the slopes of Ladario Mountain, every day of the year. The harvest is carried out manually, so that we can select the best grapes and put them in perforated boxes that allow air circulation.

Once in the winery, formed of modern facilities, the grapes are processed with maximum care to be later turned into wine. This happens through fermentation at a controlled temperature and static stabilization, all the process carried out in stainless steel tanks.
All in one, the warm weather conditions free from fog and the balanced humidity levels allow our wine to turn into their best version.

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